How to Add More Joy to your Life?

How to Add More Joy to your Life

Being joyful is beyond happiness. Happiness depends only with the happy situations or moments happening around. But with joy comes inner peace. You can still wear a big smile in spite of untoward things happening around you. It is also about motivating and inspiring people to do things that really give them enjoyment.

If you keep your joy in your life, your whole body will benefit most especially your mind and heart. Joyful people have healthier blood pressure, less chance of heart attack, lower cholesterol, decreased stress levels and weight management.

Do you feel that you do not have reason to be joyful? Well, do not waste your life agonizing in negativities of your life. Start doing the ways below in adding more joy in your life.

Appreciating the simplicity of life

Are you bombarded about the things you want in life? If so, you probably miss some aspects of your life. This is time where you need to serious look in your life what I truly important to you. As possible, cut things that are unnecessary in your life. Leave yourself enough time in what brings you enjoyment. Stop overstretching yourself. Learn to say NO. And make some time for yourself and for the people you truly love.

Making conscious decision in enjoying more life.

Once you decide intentionally to be more joyful, you will find more reasons for you to be happy beyond your present situation.

Making a personal joy list

Writing list about the things that make you really happy is one way in generate joyful and positive feelings reminding you in making these things more often. Try to at least write 10 simple things that can make you happy. Then you try striving to incorporate it in your life daily.

Spending more time with people you love and with happy people

Joyfulness is contagious. The more you spend with happy people the more you fill happy. The best way to find joy in life is with the people you truly and who loves you to. They serve as an inspiration for you to keep on driving your life with happiness in life.

Being kind to anybody

When you make others to feel good it allows give you a good feeling as well. Sometimes it takes simple acts like smile, small compliment and gesture of kindness to make you feel better and happier about yourself.

What is the best thing about joy is we all have the chance to have it. This is also a priceless medicine that is free, fun, and easy to use by everybody. Whatever your situation may be find joy out of it. As the bible says, Count it all Joy when you face Trials. It is not the situation who will give you joy but it is who in your life that gives you reason to be JOYFUL.