Have a Healthy Morning Routine and live a more organized

healthy morning routine

First things first: Wake up early

A reality check – Inculcating a new routine in life takes time, especially when it is a morning routine. This means you will have wake up a bit earlier than you used to. The best way to do this would be to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual and waking up 15 minutes earlier as well.

Immediately after you wake up – Stretch your body for 2 minutes

It is normal to wake up and feel like a zombie. There are easy ways for you to ease into wakefulness and one of them is to stretch your body.

Now you don’t need to crack out like some Zen-like sun salutations – in fact, you don’t even need to leave the bed. Just do the yawning thing where you simply throw your arms up and stretch your arms and legs to shake off that stiffness of sleep.

10 minutes after waking up – Meditate for 10 minutes

Now that you have spent some time stretching your back, your next step would be to prepare your mind for the day. A short meditation is a proven practice for that.

Find a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes and hum the words that you prefer that make you feel relaxed.

20 minutes after waking up – Exercise for 15 minutes

Now that you’re in the headspace and your body and mind are connected, focus this energy into some physical activity.

Exercising in the morning has a lot of advantages –

  • A 10-min HIIT workout gives maximum gains in minimum time
  • For a low-impact alternative, you can go for a 15-min walking session

40 minutes after waking up – Set your goals for the rest of the day

After the exhausting workout, take some time to cool down, settle down at a comfortable place, and ponder on the day ahead. Think about what you want to achieve today. If you want, you can write down your goals and strike off every task that you complete.

50 minutes after waking up – Fuel up

A day cannot have the perfect start if you don’t include a nutritious, healthy meal. Eating a healthy breakfast is an integral part of most people’s morning routine.

Even if you are into intermittent fasting and you avoid breakfasts, you should still spend 5-10 minutes indulging in a tasty cup of coffee as it boosts your mood and energy levels.