How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Sugar?

olve the Biggest Problems with Sugar?

This is the reason why people are experiencing diabetes. Well, that is not a good idea to think of.

It is best to make an action in solving your craving for sugary foods and drinks. It may not be easy to do. However, you need to take some effort to deal with such cravings. It may affect your blood sugar resulting to worse case. Below are some of the things to do in order to solve your cravings with sugar.

  • There is no other way in handling physiological addiction except by stopping it. Stop eating or drinking all forms of sugar. Even flour products with artificial sweeteners that cause slow metabolism and increased of cravings must also be avoided. This is because it will result to fat storage. Get rid also of anything that has MSG and hydrogenated or trans-fat. You will find out that the best way in detoxifying sugar is by giving up all the sugary foods and drinks.
  • Do not drink much of calories. Any kind of calories in liquid sugar is worse than the solid foods with flour or sugar. It turns off the fat storage found in your liver that leads into dread belly fat. You will not feel full so the tendency you will crave for more carbs and sugar. That includes juices, sodas, sports drink, sweetened coffees and teas.
  • Power up your day with protein. Protein in every meal, especially in breakfast, is the prime factor in balancing the blood sugar. It will balance the insulin and can cut your cravings. It’s best to start your day with protein shake and farm eggs. Use seeds, nuts, fish, eggs, grass-fed meat or chicken for protein in every meal.
  • Fighting Sugar with Fat. Fat does not make you fat but sugar does. Fat will make you full and it can balance the level of your sugar. This is also necessary in stimulating the cells. Together with protein, take good fats in every meal and even in your snacks. Consider eating coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil, omega 3 fats from fish and avocado.
  • Swapping distress with de-stress. If you feel stress, your hormones are going crazy. The cortisol goes up leading you to feel hungry. It results in type 3 diabetes and fat storage. There is a study that shows taking deep breaths may activate special nerve known as vagus nerve. That shifts the metabolism from the fat storage into fat burning allowing you to move out quickly from the stress state.
  • Putting out any inflammation. Inflammation can trigger insulin resistance, blood sugar imbalances, type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. The primary source of inflammatory food aside from trans-fat, sugar and flour are the hidden food sensitivities. That is commonly found in dairy and gluten. Quit eating such kind of food for ten days. It will be hard to quit eating such foods but if you successful overcome it you will experience relief from cravings, renewed energy and many of your symptoms might disappear.
  • Have a proper sleep. Less sleep can drive carb and sugar cravings thru affecting the appetite of your hormones. You will need more energy if you lack in sleep so you quickly absorb sugars. Sleep is a best way in fighting against your drive in overeating.