The Best 6 Ways to Handle Noise Pollution

Handle Noise Pollution

In fact, a scientific study published in 2009 in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal found that noise pollution (specifically aircraft noise pollution) causes the body to release the stress hormone cortisol; another study found that your risk for having a heart attack increases with every 10 decibels of road traffic related noise pollution near your home.

Another study found that traffic noise significantly raises the risk for developing ADD in children, and also impacts sleep levels as well.

If you need to reduce noise pollution, consider the following 6 ways to reduce noise pollution that can help you reduce your stress levels, keep your frustration at bay and enjoy your life at home.

Tip #1: Start wearing earplugs

Ear plugs can significantly reduce the noise you hear; best of all, they are highly inexpensive, so it won’t cost much to get several pairs for your household.

They can be worn while you sleep or during the day, but note that since they do reduce the noises you hear it may be better to avoid them at night in case of emergencies.

Tip #2: Get a rug (and carpeting)

Rugs and carpets are surprisingly adept at reducing noise pollution in your home. Carpets and rugs help to absorb noise from outside, whereas solid floors such as hardwood spread the sound around. Full wall to wall carpeting is best but if you can’t afford it or you live in an apartment where installing carpet is a no-go, then a thick rug can do just fine.

Tip #3: Close the window

Open windows are a common source for noise pollution, so if there is significant noise outside your home, you can close them and reduce how much sound gets inside.

Open your window when the outside world is quieter–this exact time will vary depending on where you live–to get some fresh air and close it up when noise starts to get out of control.

Tip #4: Opt for noise-canceling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are an upgraded version of earplugs that will filter out all that unwanted noise before it can ever make it to your ear. They are more expensive than earplugs, but they do work better and aren’t as annoying as wearing plugs directly inside your ear.

Tip #5: Install a high fence

High fences service two purposes in regards to reducing noise pollution: a tall barrier can actually reduce the amount of noise that gets filtered into your home, while the visual aspect of a tall fence surrounding your home can help reduce your perception of noise pollution.

Tip #6: Install soundproofing insulation

If you can afford it, installing some soundproofing insulation inside your exterior walls or even between floors can greatly help reduce the noise pollution that make sit inside your home. You can also consider insulation your windows by using double-pane windows instead of single pane.

Noise pollution is stressful, but you don’t have to suffer through it. If you are suffering from noise pollution, consider the above tips to help you manage it better.