All About The Best Travel Apps

best travel apps

Why are Smartphones the best device for travelers? This is mainly because of the apps available which make the ticket and hotel bookings easier.

In fact, for your every kind of need or interest on the road, these apps are trustworthy and indispensable. There are some favorite apps which can make your trip hassle-free.

The best vacation planning apps


This is very helpful in keeping your documents and itineraries organized. You only need to send the reservation details to Triplt. It will allow you to see the details like flight itineraries, Airbnb booking, tickets, etc. This app easily shares the trip plans with the person to be coordinated with while traveling.

Operating: iOS and Android

Google Trips

This outweighs the Triplt for money. It offers maps and guides for customized tours and also shows places to visit near your hotels. This collects the information from your Gmail account and stores it offline. Hence you will get the required information without Wi-Fi. This app also has features which will help you find the reservation instantly.

Operating: iOS and Android.


It will definitely help you to book the route for driving and hotels on the way. This app is free. You will find many interesting places and restaurants while traveling which you may bookmark for revisiting.

Operating: iOS and Android

Packing Pro

It helps in packing. You will only have to tell the app the number of days of your trip, where you will go, and what the weather will be like, if you will be swimming, etc. The app will offer a preliminary list of footwear, clothing, etc. It also will remind you about anything necessary to be done like vaccination, passport renewal or a first-aid kit.

Operating: iOS


This app just needs the travel date and the city you are visiting. It will show you the necessary things to be taken along based on the length of the outing, the weather of the destination, etc. If there is a laundry facility, you will be able to wash and wear clothes multiple times with the help of this app.

Operating: iOS and Android


This user-friendly free app helps to find the best deals and rates for booking hotels and flights. It has clear search features and allows a specific search based on your criteria, like a swimming pool, free parking, etc.

Operating: Android


It is an aggregator website for travel fare and helps in searching for reservations. It will connect you with the world’s best places for staying like vacation homes, apartments, luxury resorts, Airbnb, tree houses, etc. Bookings can be done instantly using this app.

Operating: Android


For experiencing a local and homely atmosphere, Airbnb is the best. Through this, you can book private rooms, apartments, etc. at local homes. For acquiring this, you will have to go to the website or the app, get your visiting location entered along with the check-in and check-out date.

Also, mention the number of people included in the trip. The Airbnb will make suggestions. You can select according to your need and book using the app directly.

Operating: iOS and Android

The best traveling apps

XE Currency Converter

This app provides instant currency rates and allows you to view those offline. Hence you will get proper deals even when in another country.

Operating: iOS and Android

Google Translate

This can translate numerous languages online as well as offline. The desired language needs to be downloaded when connected. The camera translation that is instant is found for 38 languages and speech translation that is both way and instant is found for 32 languages.

You can also draw characters without using the keyboard for 93 languages. You will be able to share the translation through social media using this app. This way, you can connect with people at the destination.

These can be saved in the phrasebook. If you do not know how to pronounce the text translated, the playback mode will help by speaking it for you.

Operating: iOS or Android

Free WiFi Finder

There may be situations where you are not able to connect in an unknown place. WiFi Finder will help you in this regard and you can avoid heavy roaming charges if traveling abroad. Apple devices are the best for this app.

They work offline also as the data gets stored locally. They will also help you know where to find free WiFi connections.

Operating: iOS

Pocket Earth

This app helps you to find your path of traveling without missing. They provide detailed maps of the world that can be used offline just by clicking. There are also travel guides based on the destination that may help you.

Operating: iOS

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet helps you to keep track of your travel expenses. You can set a budget or track expenses by month or by the trip.

If you cross your budget, this app will tell you about it by breaking the expenses categorically, like entertainment, food, transport, etc.

Operating: iOS


You can post your travel photos through this app. It works like Facebook and Twitter having newsfeed personally. It helps you to view the world through other travelers. The photos are all geo-tagged, by which you can see the region and the location where it was taken.

Operating: iOS and Android

Star Walk 2

This app is the best for aspiring astronomers. Star walk 2 is the upgraded version of Star Walk. Just by pointing your Smartphone to the sky, this app enables you to view the constellations, planets, stars, etc. It has an interface that is brand new, 3D model that shows celestial bodies, and actual time motion tracking.

Operating: Android and iOS


This app helps to discover dining places and serves 22 countries like US, Canada, etc. The listings they offer is detailed including the menus, décor photos, and cost of a meal for two diners. They also offer options for delivery or dining-in. If you like the restaurant, you can bookmark it for revisiting.

Operating: Android and iOS.


This app helps you to track the flights in every way.

Operating: iOS

Hotel Tonight

It helps to make reservations on the same day, even at 9 a.m. and links to properties across the globe. Till now, hotels can be booked in 12 countries including 150 destinations. This will be increased continuously.

Operating: iOS


It works as a detailed travel guide helping to make your own itinerary and provides offline navigations and maps. Till now, it works in 28 cities in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Operating: Android


You can find local restaurants in the USA and some selected international cities using this app. All places found here are selected by the LocalEats staff.

Operating: iOS

SayHi Translate

This user-friendly app works as the language app for travel. In a standard pack, 41 languages are available. It helps in conversational speaking.

Operating: iOS


It helps you to know how to tip in different places while traveling internationally.

Operating: iOS


It is the most popular app for ridesharing. It is easy to avail, hence helpful for travelers. To get this, just enter your pickup location along with drop-off one and get your ride option selected. A driver will instantly come at your pick up place. After a safe ride, decide if you want to pay a tip.

Operating: iOS and Android


This is another ridesharing app similar to Uber. Its way of action is also similar to Uber.

Operating: iOS and Android

Priority Pass

Using this user-friendly app you can access numerous lounges worldwide along with heavy meal vouchers at some airport restaurants. Membership of this app is offered by many credit cards like

The American Express Platinum Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, etc. You can also become a member by the payment of annual fee. Then depending on the tier of your membership, you can enter a lounge by paying a fee along with the annual fee. Just by entering the details like city, airport name, etc. on the home page, you will get a detailed view of the lounges available.

Hence you can accordingly view details of the lounge and decide to chill out after a security check.

Operating: iOS and Android